Naruto Chapter 664 – Sasuke’s life

The new chapter naruto 664 will be posted here soon. After that, you can read the most awaited
naruto manga 664 release by mangastream here on Come again for more naruto chapter 664 online.

Naruto situation was so obvious that I’m not interesting in it, I already know the outcome while sasuke’s situation is the opposite of naruto, sasuke could be save by orochimaru/Karin or either this person next to him”Kabuto” but still it is unknown the method that, it’ll be use to save and power up sasuke while I’m happy to see Kabuto back and one more thing madara rikudo mode badass.


naruto 664 manga

naruto 664 manga


I preferred an alternative to that “going to see the 4th Hokage so that he can re-seal the other half inside of Naruto” thing, but oh well … what will happen once again as a result will be yet another BM Naruto. What I fear is that Kishi might make one of the weirdest asspulls ever by stating there is still a residual amount of Kurama’s “Yang” power inside of Naruto and then It will merge with the “Yin” chakra of Kurama that Naruto will be given, Yep, I see that happening. I hope that the cursed seal will have some future effect on Spiral Zetsu, or the person inside him (probably Yamato) as a form of Senjutsu chakra.We don’t see if the cursed seal gets erased or absorbed by him or the person inside him.If the person who approaches Sasuke is Kabuto, then he will definitely heal Sasuke, because Kabuto would have broken out of Izanami and decided to help the others; by that I think Kishimoto tries to show us that Itachi’s decisions will always be influencing Sasuke’s life.I believe the same thing applies to Minato’s influence to Naruto’s life.Next chapter I predict that,
Sasuke will be saved by the person who approaches him, unlocking the rinnegan but not yet knowing it.Naruto will be saved by Minato, slightly before or slightly after Madara arrives to take his Rinnegan.

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